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Our Infant Swimming Resource lessons are the best way for infants to start a life-long relationship with swimming. They offer the safest of methods to build your child’s confidence both in and out of the water.

The Process:

Baby Swimming Paddling

Who is it for?

ISR lessons are available to infants and children 6 months of age and older. Our lessons are private, meaning students will be able to learn at their own pace, and in a safe environment.

What makes it special?

All ISR lessons are private (1:1) and last for 10 minutes. That means we can focus on the student for the duration of his/her lesson.

What is the duration of the course?

For best results, students should expect to swim 5 days per week (Monday–Friday). The high frequency of these lessons is intended to help improve muscle memory. Generally, students will master the course within 5-7 weeks of consistent lessons. The ISR program’s short duration makes it ideal for young children, as it breaks the swimming basics into simple learning bites for easy application. Though it’s natural to skip some lessons, bear in mind that breaks in the course may end up lengthening the process.

Where is it held?

We offer ISR lessons at the Chinquapin Recreational Centre, The Madeira School and Trinity University.

The Skills:

Baby Reaching Swimming Instructor

What do students need to know prior to the course?

Before registering with us, infants must have mastered the following: holding a sitting position, rolling from back to stomach, and rolling from stomach to back. These prove that the muscles necessary for movement in water will be strong enough. If your child can perform these activities and is at least 6 months of age, he/she is ready for ISR lessons.

What will students learn?

We divide our ISR course into these categories:
1. Infants between the ages of 6 months and 15 months will learn to roll from facedown to an unassisted float. The focus of training for this age group is on safety.
2. Infants who are at least 18 months of age will learn the Swim-Float-Swim sequence. This sequence teaches children to swim face down for 3-5 seconds, rest and breathe while floating, and continue facedown swimming to reach safety (walls, steps, ladders, etc.) Our Swim-Float-Swim sequence encourages children to select which skill will help them most in a given moment, whether they’re having fun or they’re faced with a real survival situation. Statistics show that 86% of all children who drown are fully clothed. Under supervision, our final training module includes a lesson in fully clothed swimming. Our students will experience and practice self-rescue skills in both summer and winter clothing. Please note: Children who have been toilet-trained for less than 6 months must wear two layers for all lessons. This is to protect the integrity of the pool water from bowel movements. These two layers should include a new diaper (changed upon arrival at the pool) with the ISR swim diaper directly over it. For children in this category, we will send parents or guardians an ISR swim diaper following registration.

The Program:

Baby Pushes Off

What scientific foundation does ISR have?

ISR is the safest and ONLY provider of comprehensive swimming and aquatic self-rescue™ instruction. Dr. Harvey Branett founded ISR in 1966 with a mission ‘to prevent drowning and enrich the lives of children by teaching them to swim.’ Our method has been clinically researched and emphasizes age-appropriate skill training to ensure your child learns crucial self-rescue skills.

Is there anything for parents?

The ISR Parent Education program can be taken in combination with your child’s ISR sessions. This special program for parents and guardians explains drowning prevention methods for ensuring your child’s safety.

What are WEAquatics’ credentials?

We have provided over 7 million safe and effective ISR lessons to more than 175,000+ children. Our nationally recognized program is the first and only drowning prevention strategy that has earned and retained a 100% safety record. Our extensive 6-week courses are guided by a master instructor who trains and tests participants in the areas of child psychology, behavioral science, physiology, and anatomy. In addition to this theoretical approach, our instructors also engage in over 50 hours of hands-on practical application of ISR techniques.

Where can I learn more?

The ISR National website is award winning and nationally recognized for its contribution to swimming safety. Visit to learn more about ISR and to download images and video demonstrations of a program that parents and doctors across the country have approved.
If you’re interested in ISR lessons, just message us and be sure to let us know when you’re available to swim (mornings or afternoons).

ISR Lesson Statistics:


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