WE believe in making swimming fun.

As with any sport, good training and facilities are essential for achieving success. Our team has lived and trained in the US and the Caribbean, where the message has always been the same: All swimmers should learn the basics of both survival and competitive swimming.

A little healthy competition can be a good thing. But when the focus is solely on winning, the pleasure of the sport is at risk. And we think emphasis on winning or losing is why many people give up swimming. At WEAquatics, we focus on improving technique, developing strength, and moving at a pace set by you rather than the fastest swimmer in the class.

Swimming Fun

WE believe swimming offers something for everyone. The beauty of swimming is that it is what you make of it. It can be an energetic sport, like running or basketball. Or it can be a therapeutic way to wind down after a long day. It’s no surprise that so many health practitioners have recommended it.

We ground our lessons in technique while also recognizing that swimming is a means of relaxation for many people. We want to enable everyone, young and old, to have a personal and fun relationship with the water.

Back Float

WE believe in encouraging each other.

Each of our instructors shares a passion for swimming, and we want to share that with you. We understand that when you come to us for lessons, that passion and energy will keep you coming back for more. We strive to keep morale high at all times by respecting our students, families, the rest of the team, and the sport itself.

As with any relationship, some parts will come easy and others will need a little more dedication. This is the attitude we encourage when teaching swimming. No matter your aspiration or level of competency, swimming has something for us all. It’s all about enjoying the journey you take to get there.

Encouraging Each Other

WE believe everyone should learn at his or her own pace.

We don’t steer all our swimmers in one direction – our goal is to provide an opportunity to enjoy the water. For some, that will mean learning the basic strokes, or even training for competitions. For others, swimming might be an alternative to the gym or a way to unwind after a long day. We will never rush our students or try to teach them skills for which they are not yet ready. We empower people of all ages to become the kind of swimmers they want to be.

Above all, we want our lessons and programs to be enjoyed by everyone. Why not Schedule an Appointment with us today and tell us about your swimming goals?

Group Swimming Lessons