Welcome to WEAquatics

WEAquatics ensures swimming confidence with the right balance of supportive teaching and challenging lessons. Our enthusiastic instructors make swimming fun. We guide students through each session with our proven swimming methods, and offer tips on technique and form. So if you’re looking for the best in private/semi-private lessons, join WEAquatics today!

We are passionate about swimming, and we want our students to feel just as excited about getting into the pool. WEAquatics started out with a focus on child swimmers but has since launched classes to suit all ages and abilities. Our idea of a swim club is one that is friendly and supportive. Whatever your level, we will help improve your technique at a pace comfortable to you. So whether you’re just learning to swim or you want to build on your technique, WEAquatics have something to fit your needs.


ISR lessons are available for infants and children from 6 months to 4 years old. These one-to-one lessons are safe, effective and tailored to your child’s own abilities.


Learn-To-Swim (LTS) lessons are open to students who have completed the ISR program or who are at least 4 years old. They teach stroke fundamentals and help students to become strong and confident swimmers.


This workout is for students who have graduated from our LTS program and/or already know the basic swimming techniques (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle).



Originally from Richmond, VA, David grew up swimming for the Richmond Racers (a team operated by the City of Richmond). At the age of 12, he and his family moved to the island of St. Lucia where he swam for the national team at regional swim meets. He swam competitively throughout secondary school and when he returned to the DC metro area. David attended Howard University, where he studied Finance. After graduation, he worked as a litigation consultant. In 2009 he re-entered the competitive swimming arena, coaching at Machine Aquatics for 1 season. In that year David also became a certified Infant Swimming Resourceinstructor. He has taught ISR lessons full-time since May 2010.



Born in Richmond, VA, Bradford learned basic survival swimming skills with his father in the city’s YMCA pools He and his two older brothers, Frederick and David, swam for the Richmond Racers Swim Team until 1994 when the Worrell family migrated to St. Lucia. While there, all three siblings competed for the National Swim Team. Bradford competed on a national level until July 2014. Over a twenty-year career, Bradford has taken part in various competitions, including the FINA World Championships and Commonwealth Games. His training in St. Lucia afforded Bradford the opportunity to work with experienced coaches from all over the world. Bradford is also Infant Swimming Resource Certified.